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2011 Watch: Landmark larynx transplant
In one of the most complex transplant surgeries ever performed, an international team of surgeons which included Professor Martin Birchall (UCL Ear Institute) has restored the voice of a US woman who had been unable to speak for more than a decade.
2011 Comunicato stampa 17/2/2011
Team of surgeons from B.V. Petrovsky Russian Research Centre of Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, lead by professor Vladimir Parshin, first time in Russia performed the transplantation of trachea without immunosuppression based on the regenerative medicine approach.
2011 Stem Cells and Cell Therapies in Lung Biology and Lung Diseases
Supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Alpha-1 Foundation, American Thoracic Society, LAM Treatment Alliance Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Vermont Lung Center
2011 (Book Chapter) Trachea
Silvia Baiguera and Paolo Macchiarini 2011, Regenerative Medicine, Part 4, Pages 691-711
2011 Harvard Bioscience
PBS's Nova ScienceNow Features Harvard Bioscience Bioreactors for Lung and Airway Regeneration
2011 Regenerative Medicine
New 3D Bioreactor Systems
2011 Elenco articoli citati su PubMed
2011 Cutting Edge Laryngology
2010 Structural and morphologic evaluation of a novel detergent-enzymatic tissue-engineered tracheal tubular matrix.
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2010 Both epithelial cells and mesenchymal stem cell–derived chondrocytes contribute to the survival of tissue-engineered airway transplants in pigs
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2010 Oxygen mass transfer in a human tissue-engineered trachea
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2010 Translating tissue-engineered tracheal replacement from bench to bedside
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2010 World first transplant in child
2009 Regenerative Medicine: a Forum for Clinical Need
Forum Report
2009 The first stem cell-based tissue-engineered organ replacement: implications for regenerative medicine and society
2009 Pratical Information - ANNEX 1
The Knowledge Triangle Shaping the Future of Europe
2009 First International Symposium
Translational Regenerative Medicine
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Paolo Macchiarini